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Why Taking Action Creates Success

Let's face it: if you do nothing, then nothing -good or bad- can happen. The default that comes with doing nothing is nothing. Here are 5 REASONS why taking action creates success.

Ever thought how to push yourself? Be self-motivated and get going on your path? Well, moving is part of the path to success.

Action > learning > success
“Taking action necessarily leads to one of two: success - then, congrats! Or, a growth opportunity, as you figure out what should be improved next time, thus leading to success later”

When one takes a decision to do a certain thing, it is only this certain thing that is at stake. This decision, is whole package of new opportunities. This decision will lead to other small decisions and you are on your way to a, possibly, very new reality.

the principle of inertia

A moment of physics: Inertia! Inertia means an object will continue its current motion until some force causes its speed or direction to change. The term inertia is properly understood as shorthand for "the principle of inertia", suggested initially by Galileo Galilei, and later described by Newton in his first law of motion.

The idea is once you start moving, you keep moving. An object put still, will remain still, until a certain power is exercised to move it. Human beings are the same. Once you choose the sofa as your weekend hangout, you are not exercising, you are not working on your business idea, you are not exploring what other opportunities the world offers.

Start moving. Small steps count. You want to exercise? Start with 10 min a day of Yoga, or some other sport or any kind of movement you enjoy. The change will soon become your routine.

set your goals - set your way
“Be original, create your own way, and tell your story.”

Have you ever heard the sentence "a problem well-stated is half-solved"? (Charles Kettering, head of research at General Motors).

Writing things down, even if potentially complex situation, will make you and your use of words more focused. Removal of the secondary goals, leads to refinement of the main goals. Thus, redirecting your efforts to the most important issues.

Take a notebook dedicated to your life, and start writing everything you wish to accomplish in the next year. If you still need to figure things out, then write 3-5 goals you would like to start working on.

Writing down makes it clear. Next step - setting an action plan.

Action Establishes Habits

The more you do something, it is much easier to keep doing it, whether good or bad. Success does not happen if nothing is done.

By maintaining the action, you are setting yourself up for a greater chance of hitting your goals without being too detailed and overplaying the plan.

mambo No. 5 - Action Ignites Motivation

Getting through hardships in life, doesn’t come from pity-parties but by taking action, by moving to the next step.

When you constantly fight for encouragement or motivation, your emotions are set in overdrive. It is hard to focus, and blurry vision towards the goals may stifle the opportunities before you. When you focus on what could not be, you are not driven towards what could be when you move on.

Keep your emotions and feelings in check by staying in action.

We are here to work with you towards your goals and accomplish your true self. Success is here and now. Let's make you see it.



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