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33 Bday Insights

Here are my 33 insights, for my 33rd birthday.

1. Closures are overrated. Silence can say so much. Move on.

2. Any kind of good pure love will make it through the years. It will change, grow and expand. But it will still be there.

3. Patience. And that was my mom's tip for me. She is like the most patient person I know. Not to lose your temper over little things. Keep calm and flow (the way she put it). I, on the other hand, am still working on that.

4. The story in your head about you, is your life. Change that story, change your life.

5. Listen to your heart/intuition. People underestimate the power it has when it comes to taking good decisions.

6. For every birthday, make a list of 3-5 things you've achieved the past birthday year and write new ones for the following.

7. Celebrate. Celebrate another year of experience, people, travels, life. Celebrate it your way, no matter how old you are. Celebrate holidays, celebrate family and togetherness, not religions.

8. Put yourself first. Once you love yourself truly, practice self-care, and able to give your body the attention it needs, you can give that to others in your life.

9. Plan. You fail to plan, you plan to fail. Whether it's your next goals, or your daily schedule. But leave room for spontaneity and fun also.

10. Open a savings account as early as possible. Even with a small amount monthly. Practicing that, is practicing responsibility for your future.

11. The way someone behaves with you, is their personality, their issue. The way you react to their behavior, is yours. But at the same time, you determine how people treat you, according to what you show you tolerate.

12. Do your best in everything you do. And then push the extra mile for the things that are really important to you.

13. You can't force love. The people who love you, will love you. The people who suddenly don't, never did. The people who just don't, whatever.

14. Fight when it feels right. Don't fight as an act of fear. Never fight for someone who has shown you that they do not think you're worth fighting for. Or for something that did not feel right for you.

15. People do not read your mind. Use your words to say how something or someone makes you feel. Open conversation is key.

16. A person once told me, that "a broken heart is a whole heart". I did not understand it at the time. But now I think that when we experience heartbreak (from different experiences in life, not necessarily only romantic one), we can understand the true meaning of life and be true to our feelings.

17. Spend time with your grandparents. They're your link to the past, and their stories and experience will help you build your future.

18. When you know, you know. When there's doubt, it's a no. A 'YES' always feels right.

19. Go study. Get a profession. Keep learning.

20. Be kind to people. Forgive the wrong people did to you, and forget the good you've done to people.

21. Never forget the wrong people did to you. It was a lesson. Give second chances, but let it be the last.

22. Be modest. Know how to engage in conversation with any person, at any age. And, again, be kind.

23. Bear no grudge. It will only make your skin age faster. Learn your lesson and move on.

24. Give respect. Give your seat to the elders, on the bus or in a gathering. Get up to shake hands. Have a firm handshake, it's heartwarming. Nothing more redundant than a loose handshake.

25. Don't embarrass others. Give praises in public, but talk about problems in private.

26. Choose your life partner wisely. You will go through life together, with its fun and hardships. You need someone you trust, you count on, and who is tolerant with you.

27. Bear no jealousy and envy against others. What's yours will be yours. Don't look in another's plate, just enjoy your own.

28. Keep your dignity. Don't be burdensome. If someone cares, they will see you in a crowded room. If not, they will not, even if you were right in front of them.

29. Live for yourself firstly. Don't look for approvals from others, or compliments. You only need to approve yourself. Be self-confident.

30. Meditate. Even for 5 minutes daily. You won't believe how great it affects your life.

31. Find any kind of movement you enjoy and exercise it regularly. Whether it's yoga, dance or running for a marathon.

32. Own a dog at least once in your life. They will teach you the true meaning of love and loyalty.

33. Breathe. Take deep breaths in the morning, and anytime you feel you need it. It revitalizes the body. Try it now.



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