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Do you find yourself pondering over your next career move or waking up in the morning with the sole purpose of jumpstarting your business? Perhaps you're experiencing mental fogginess or feeling "stuck" in life? Maybe you want that ideal relationship that you've been waiting for, but hasn't happened yet?

After a long career in law, international business and diplomacy, I found my greatest satisfaction in helping individuals explore their goals and dreams they've neglected, and find balance to live their best life. 

I have faith in individuals, brave enough to explore their aspirations, and make a change to get to the life they want. I also strongly believe that sometimes, all one requires is a small spark of motivation and a good plan to guide them towards their dreams.

During our coaching meetings we focus on personal and professional development. I will help you build and utilize the right tools to reach your goals. All while gaining clarity on your life and tailoring a specific plan to achieve the goals you set!

I invite you to book a FREE consultation call and let's start working together to help you achieve the life you desire!

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And here's is why NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). NLP is used to enhance one's ability to behave positively and constructively. The techniques we use in NLP aim to help you to develop rapport (i.e. connection through body-language), connect with others, and communicate and understand others. With it, you can use language skills and patterns to ask powerful questions and to achieve positive outcomes.

If you've read the "About Me" page, then you can guess by now that I'm practical and strongly believe in taking action! So NLP is my "quick fix" for you. But one that also requires your belief and taking action to make a sustainable change. With our NLP practices, you can learn to recognize behavior patterns, thoughts, and beliefs; and more importantly, you can replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones that support personal growth and success!

I invite you to book an NLP session and let's energize your life for the better already!

Our Mission

Annergy Coaching goal is to enable you to learn, unlock your potential and grow to the best version of yourself.  We aim to help you have a clear direction, focus and balance to achieve quantifiable success in all areas of your life or business. For you to take ownership of your role, have job satisfaction and happiness, to prosper and be profitable while growing, learn and develop into the people and organizations you would like to be!

Our vision

Annergy Coaching vision is to create a better everyday life for you. We believe that we all want to live in health, love and happiness. And with mutual respect, integrity, and commitment, we can work together and assist you in reaching your best self, as determined by you. 

We believe that you have the answers regarding your life; our job is to help you explore and get to these answers, and grant you practical tools to live your life to the fullest.

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